Cooperation network


Since its establishment, HUFI has always paid special attention to build up international scientific-academic cooperation. These activities include not only cooperative training programs but also joint research projects and other activities such as faculties and student exchanges, etc. Up to date, HUFI is working with more than two hundred universities, institutions and/or organizations worldwide. Some of the key partners come from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, America, Korea, etc.

Annually, several prestigious scientists of the international partners come to HUFI for giving lectures, doing bilateral scientific research projects as well as being advisory in building up academic curricula. In addition, another important aspect is collaboration with companies/enterprises, esp. in objectives of training students and innovation-entrepreneurship activities. Moreover, HUFI also sent out more than 200 faculties and students of regular and off-shore programs studying aboard in various models of collaboration.

Moreover, HUFI is an Associate Member of the AUN-QA Network under ASEAN University Network in good standing since 2018 with all rights and privileges pertaining thereof.

Obviously, HUFI has been well prepared to take part in the international cooperation activities in an integrated and global context on meaning of sustainable and bilateral partnership.


(Source: Internet)