International cooperation

Introduction learning programme and implementation of E-learning (MOOCs) for international programme students by Ho Chi Minh University of Food Industry (HUFI) and Meiho University (Taiwan)


On 12 September 2018, Ho Chi Minh University of Food Industry (HUFI) co-operated with Meiho University (Taiwan) to introduce the learning programme and implement E-learning (Massive Online Open Courses- MOOCs) for international programme students at the meeting hall C in HUFI.

Dr. Dang Tan Hiep and Dr. Hua guided students to practise online-course.

“E-learning” refers to all teaching and assessment approaches that use technology to enhance learning. As an cost effective method, E-learning is quite fresh for most of students which can offer value to traditional learning by adding flexibility and control and facilitating learning without temporal and locational restrictions.

The students were interested in the E-learning method 

On the meeting, Dr. Hua guided the students how to use effectively “E-learning”. The students were very interested on this new method since they can find many benefits for their study.

Dr. Hua guided to students to process E-learning method.

Dr. Shang-Jen Li guided and answered student questions related to this method.

Different courses related to the topic of “food safety”

Source: IICT, please click here